And one good reason why NOT to use them 🙂

Yes, you read it right, I’m going to give you 10 great excuses that you can use when somebody wants to motivate you to go outside. People like me will go the extra mile to convince you of all the benefits when you go outside. If you don’t know them yet, you can read them here.

But, you are not here to know the benefits but you were intrigued to read about ways so you can stay at home!

As I’m typing this, our first #60daystodiscover well-being challenge is halfway. More than 250 signed up, 30 days later still 230 are subscribed and we have a core of active “discoverers”. But it also means that we lost some of our “explorers” to be. Maybe it wasn’t their cup of tea and going outside wasn’t that interesting at all.

Or… they used one of these excuses why NOT to go outside?

  1. It’s too cold to get outside – ever heard of layering? You just put a lot of clothes on top of each other and you get warm in an instant. Did you know by the way that cold air is far less polluted than the air you breathe inside? The drier air inside helps viruses to survive for much longer, making colds and flu more likely.
  2. It gets dark really early – unless you live in a dangerous area and it’s really unsafe to go out on your own in the dark, you can buy a flashlight. You might want to consider a light you can put on your head so you have your hands free. Then it doesn’t interfere with your natural way of walking. Just don’t listen to music and pay attention to your surroundings.
  3. I’m all alone – you don’t really need somebody to accompany you. It’s your legs that will carry you and not your friends. I know it can be more fun going outside when you can share with a friend. So if you really, really, don’t want to go outside on your own then you make sure that you motivate others to go with.
  4. It’s raining – it’s only water! Nowadays you can find good quality rain jackets on every corner of the street. Living in the bush? I’m sure there must be at least one company where you can order online. Just be careful… it can be slippery when wet!
  5. I don’t have time – it’s the softer version of “It’s too much effort”. If you want to do something you make time. It’s as simple as it is. By the way, we are talking about 10 minutes of your day which consists of 1440 minutes. So 10 min is 0,70% of your daily time!
  6. I’ll start when I get the right equipment – hellooooo…. we are talking about walking and getting outside. I’m sure you got a pair of shoes lying around somewhere.
  7. I don’t know where to start – euhm, just open the door and get outside? That sounds good enough for me. You can also go outside during lunch break. Beats sitting inside in a stuffy cafeteria.
  8. It’s been a long tiring day – exactly why you need to go outside! It will give a chance to let go and put everything in the right perspective.
  9. I’ll do it tomorrow, I promise – yep, if I would’ve gotten a penny for every time somebody said that to me (or I said that to myself). I would be sitting on a tropical beach and living from the interest on my bank account as we speak!
  10. I’ve tried before, but I can’t stick to a program – set goals that are achievable for you. Going outside for 10 minutes a day is really a goal everybody can manage

One reason why you should ignore the above list:

If you don’t start somewhere, you are gonna go NOwhere!

Bob Marley

As with all things in life, nothing comes by itself. If you want to make changes, then you need to act to make these changes happen.

So if you are coming up with one or another excuse, to NOT do something think twice about why you wanted to do it in the first place.


P.S. the next #60daystodiscover well-being challenge is starting on the 1st of June!



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