Counting the days to the start of walking towards the best version of YOU!
The next #60daystodiscover well-being journey starts on the 1st of June


For those who are ready to become more satisfied with their life and feel significantly more vital and energetic!


Step away, walk it off, and get your #dailydoseofnature.

Gain a new perspective on both your life and business.

Ready to transform your well-being in just 60 days? Join the #60daystodiscover challenge and embark on a journey of self-discovery and vitality. Whether you’re looking to boost fitness, improve mental clarity, or find balance in your daily life, this challenge offers a roadmap to wellness.

Explore new habits, set achievable goals, and connect with a supportive community committed to personal growth. Don’t wait—take charge of your well-being today!


Are you ready for change and up to a spice things up? Breathe and Walk... towards the most mindful version of YOU and start living a more meaningful and balanced life.

“Every small step in the right direction becomes the start of something amazing!”

And that is precisely what you are going to do, taking one small step at a time and getting your daily dose of nature. More precisely, I will challenge you to step outside, every day for 10 minutes and this for the coming 60 days. The next challenge is going to start on the 1st of June. Book your spot today 👇🏼

Join the Challenge!

Sometimes the best thing you can do to move forward is to step away!
It’s time to walk toward your authentic self! It’s time to (re)discover your dreams and goals. All by stepping outside and going for a walk 👣

Source of inspiration for scientific study!

I’m proud to say that my #60daystodiscover well-being journey was used for a scientific study, done by the Concordia University of Edmonton in Canada!

Although the analyses of the study aren’t 100% complete yet, preliminary analyses suggest that, at the end of the study, participants who walked and noticed aspects of nature were notably more satisfied with their lives and felt significantly more vital and energetic compared to those who did not engage in a walking-noticing activity AND compared to those who walked but were instructed to focus on the human-built aspects of their environment.

Looking forward to the publication of the study!

Walking can change your life

If you can give yourself one gift towards living a more meaningful and balanced life, then participating in the #60daystodiscover is that gift to YOU!

“Why should I go outside?” Well, here are just a couple of benefits:

Walking and being outside will reduce stress!

Stress is one of the biggest killers out there, and it can have a very destructive effect on your relationships as well as your health. Walking keeps your stress hormone levels low and boosts your energy.

Your confidence will grow!

As soon as doubt creeps in, it can be a very, very powerful entity. Before you know it, it can consume your life and sabotage your success. Even during your highest of highs, you will have moments of questioning yourself. Imposter's Syndrome is commonplace for many female solopreneurs.
A good dose of self-confidence will help you lead a much happier life overall and that is exactly what walking is going to bring you.

Learn to be happier with your life.

Even if you are in decent shape, make a good living and have stress under control, you can still be unhappy. It takes time and patience to learn how to find joy in the little things and not to let problems bring you down. While walking, your body releases endorphins leaving you with a great emotional benefit. You’ll be able to put everything in a better perspective.

Clear your mind.

Sometimes you literally need to walk it off. You need to get away from the distractions of everyday things and clear your mind. Walking soothes the soul. It will help you think things through and help clear away the fog in your head.

FACT… walking has been shown very effective to prevent burnout

The reason I started walking and am still walking every day? I was so overwhelmed with all the projects that were coming my way that I literally had to step away to clear my mind. I couldn’t see the forest for the trees, wanted to quit all together but walking gave me back the calmness I needed. I (re)discovered my dreams and goals and managed gain a different perspective. All by stepping outside and going for a walk.

Okay, where’s the catch?

The catch is to stick to your 10 minutes every day! Some people overdo it from the start and then throw in the towel. The trick is to keep to your 10 minutes but do it every single day. Yes, you can walk more but it's really just about taking the time so slow down but to be consistent about it.

What to expect?

Daily, to the point, e-mails to inspire and guide you!

You can expect a daily mail in your inbox. A daily prompt, reflection, quote or just something fun to keep you motivated and inspired.

The #60daystodiscover journal!

So that you can keep track of your adventures and steps you took.

Backyard Hiker Tribe Community

You are not going to do this on your own! There is a community to back you up 😀

A weekly theme to become more mindful with every step you take!

Every week there will be a different theme for you to focus on. That way you can make the most out of the Challenge. I'm talking about looking at the sky, listen to the sounds around you, leave your phone at home,...

Breathing practices

Together with Breathwork Africa we created weekly breathing practices in order to make it a truly life-changing experience.

Fresh air and your daily dose of nature...

... is included!

Let's make it happen together!

Put on your walking shoes

Still Curious?

Here’s how it works…

Once you join the #60daystodiscover journey, I’ll be your guide throughout, day by day for 60 days straight. You don’t have to stop after 60 days, you can walk as long as you want (I've been walking daily for more than 4 years in a row 😀). The idea is for you to find a method to clear and calm your mind so you can find more balance and clarity in your life. This is just the start of something bigger!

You don’t need to live in a natural environment or having special equipment. Just go outside every day for a minimum of 10 minutes.

With going outside and discovering I mean going outside consciously. It can be during your lunch break, early in the morning, after you put the kids to bed, whenever you can fit it in your daily schedule.

For the 10 minutes you’re outside, you’ll just walk! Yes, you read it right, you’ll leave your phone on airplane mode and no podcast or music allowed. Just you and yourself. Sounds scary? Then you definitely have to start with this challenge!

I am going to encourage you to walk and breathe consciously every single day. It’s just 10 minutes, you can do that!

CAUTION: This is ONLY for those who are ready to take responsibility for their thoughts and actions. Don't sign up if you are only half-in.

WARNING… creating a daily walking routine just might change your life

Creating a habit and going for a daily walk can lead to an improved version of YOU. It can lead to several benefits like: improved sleep quality, greater alertness, sharper focus, improved job performance, reduced irritability, better immune system function, and a brighter mood. I hope you are ready for this change!

By the end of the 60-day challenge, you will...

... not only have created a habit that will suit your lifestyle, but you'll get all the tools to sustain that habit even when the accountability is gone.

This is what others have got to say...

It is about absorbing the energy of waking nature. And getting home full of energy, ready for the day - Ilse M.

The best way to clear your mind and fill your lungs with the so much needed oxygen! - Ann VDW

These past 60-days were packed with lots of stress. Thanks to the #60daystodiscover I was able to get away from that and clear my mind. Being part of the community and seing all the pictures and read the stories of the fellow backyard Hikers gave me that extra boost to keep going. Proud that I kept going and made it to the end! - Kathleen V.

I finished the #60daystodiscover initiated and coached by @abackyardhiker through the internet all the way from South Africa where she is living. In that Amazing and Wonderful Environment she learned how important it is to go outside to hike for physical ánd mental health. Although she is very lucky with the beautiful nature in South Africa, she learned all participants of this Challenge that there is Beauty in évery place you live, if you are willing to see it. And these everyday hikes; some just very short, some long(er) really "inspire to reconnect with yourself by reconnecting with nature🌿🍃" Peggy promised us that it's a perfect way to create a new habit, this simple challenge has so many benefits..... And I found out so much about my own "backyard" just here in The Netherlands 🇳🇱, in my own country, in my own neighborhood! - Wilma S.

Walking really has a healing strength and I discovered that thanks to the #60daystodiscover challenge. - Lies DS

Thank you so much to keep reminding me, how important it is to take time to go outside. Even if it’s close by and just for 10 minutes. Joske

Meet Peter from South Africa

Meet Lori from USA

Meet Marielle from The Netherlands

Who is this Peggy person?

Hi, I’m Peggy, a certified – Visionary Planning Coach and a Backyard Hiker. I found the direction I was looking for when I allowed myself to get a little lost by venturing outside – both in terms of my safe little comfort zone and my literal house, I went for a walk! In the process, I learned a lot about zoning in on the things that make me tick, and now I am guiding others to do the same.

I’ve been walking #everydamnday since April 2020 and the least I can say is that my daily walks have changed my life and have made me a successful entrepreneur.

I am here to help fine folks like you to inspire and guide you to find clarity and get unstuck. So you can move forward on the path toward creating a more satisfying life and a successful business.

The first important step towards living with more intention is to get outside every single day! And, it doesn’t have to be complicated at all but I’ll be your guide on this journey in the next 60 days and beyond 😀

Put on your walking shoes


How long does the Challenge last?

The Challenge lasts for 60 days but you can keep on going as long as you would like. The whole idea is to create a way for you to reconnect with your authentic self.

When does the Challenge start?

The Challenge starts on Saturday the 1st of June and finishes on the 30th of July. 

Why do the Challenge in the first place?

Lots of people have got different reasons to start the Challenge. Maybe you want to be able to put everything in a better perspective, you want to reduce your stress level, or you would like to clear your mind. Getting outside for just 10 min a day has got so many benefits that it’s hard to find only one reason why it would be good to participate. But most importantly, going for a walk is such a simple way to break that vicious circle of being busy and that overwhelming feeling.

Is it ok to do the same walk every day?

Sure, that’s ok. If you walk mindfully, you’ll discover new things on your route every time. I’ll give you some suggestions to make your walks a bit more fun as well.

I’ve done other challenges… do I really need another one?

Well, that depends on the goals you want to achieve. If you are thinking of creating your Summer body or getting awesome abs in no-time then you are at the wrong place. If you however are looking for long term changes then keep on reading.

What if I miss a day?

That’s ok. You get one “resting” day every week. Just don’t let two days in a row of “missing out” sneak in. The best is to start fresh the next day. It’s not about doing a Perfect Challenge. It’s about showing up and commit to yourself that you want to make a change.

What’s the investment?

It is hard to put a value on a life-changing experience. Because I know from experience that this CAN be just that, life-changing.

As I would like to make this experience accessible to everyone, you can join for as little as $ 29. That is less than $ 0,5 or € 0,5 per DAY!

Do I need to buy anything special or go somewhere?

No, please don’t. That’s the beauty of it. You just step outside your front door and start walking. It’s well-being at your doorstep! If you live in a city you could go to a local park, discover your neighbourhood or the area around your office. If you have got more time you could you go a bit further but it’s not a necessity. You can use your normal shoes to walk. If you are thinking on going on longer walks, I would suggest considering getting comfortable walking shoes. But again, not really needed.

Still got some doubts? Drop me an e-mail!