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Find clarity, get unstuck, embrace a more satisfying life, and build the successful business YOU want.

Let’s create YOUR path towards living in more FREEDOM!

FORWARD FOCUS - 1:1 Coaching program

It's time to identify your goals and develop a plan to achieve them. I'll provide the support and be your guide along the way!

Thanks to the personalized and action-based approach it doesn’t matter where you are in your journey.

This 4-week coaching program is developed for people just like you who want to overcome limiting beliefs and self-doubt.

I'll provide you with a fresh perspective on your challenges so you can start taking those important action steps!

Together we are going to create YOUR path step-by-step.

**Ray of hope alert**

I know firsthand what it means not knowing where to start first. That you can be so overwhelmed that you quit long before you even started. I’ve been there and I know there is another way! A much better way… YOUR way!

Does any of the following sound familiar:

You've got a million ideas but none of them become reality.

You've been following all these masterclasses and webinars but just don't know what to do first and end up not doing anything at all.

You keep checking your watch because you are certain there are more than 24 hours in the day.

You know that self-care is important but how then?

Never have the courage to take that leap. Others are soo much better at what you want to do.

You can only spread your message to the world if it's PERFECT. Been there... and trust me, it feels better if you can let go of that!

You think that you've got everything together but something just doesn't feel right. No worries, there is nothing wrong with you!

You are low on energy and always looking forward to that next holiday. Why is everything so draining? You are probably focusing on the wrong things.

But hey, this is how everybody feels right?

Being “busy” is the norm. You’ll be frowned upon if you take time for yourself or allow yourself me-time. Maybe somebody is whispering to you that doing something you actually LOVE doing just doesn't exist.

What if I told you that it IS possible? That following your dreams and passions, building your own business and still have time to do the things you love to do doesn't have to be hard at all.

Book your "no-strings-attached" free coaching session now!


Let's connect if you...

Are ready to find out what it is that you truly want in your life and business, discover what has been holding you back to take the leap!

Need to clear away the fog about your busy (but non-productive) life and finally get a grip on the whole thing through a fresh, new way perspective (no more tearing your hair out trying to choose between activities that just leave you even more unfulfilled and confused).

Are ready to design a clear path so you can finally take control of your agenda.

Have the courage to finally tailor YOUR perfect life?

Want to free time for yourself so you can do what is important to you.

Are dying to quit the endless cycle of thinking about it but not doing it. Just freaking START.

Are prepared to work (hard) and start (right) now.

Take full responsibility for your actions and thoughts.

Need someone to give you that PUSH to go bigger and sooner and free-er (and a bunch of other ‘er’s) with your dreams and plans.

This is how I’ll help you achieve your outcomes 👇🏼

1 x 60-90 min foundation setting coaching session

4 x 30 to 45 min coaching sessions - via Zoom

Support via email and WhatsApp during your journey.

Fool-proof homework & checklists to take you to the next level.

Self-care practices to make sure you can keep that balance!

My practical approach to see things from a different perspective, oh, and my sense of humor 😏

Let’s focus on going forward!

Every week you’ll get a step closer to living that life in which you are in control. You’ll walk away with a plan to:

Find time for yourself.

Set your priorities straight.

Gain a clear focus on your goals, private life and business.

Learn to say NO and know how to do that.

Become productive instead of busy.

Control procrastination.

Increase your confidence and motivation.

Create lasting change in your life.
Kelly Van de Vliet

My biggest win this year? Getting myself a coach. Thank you, Peggy for helping me stay focused and kicking my butt into action! I couldn't have done it without you!

Di Atherton

I am working with a fantastic coach, Peggy Janssens. I'm a "big picture" person, full of good ideas but I struggle to focus and take the action needed to make any of them happen. Peggy has been great at helping me create structure and get down to the nitty-gritty action steps (it's one of her superpowers!) and for the first time in a long time I feel the creative juices flowing again.

Bandile Sibuyi

I've started working on editing my novel and improving the first draft! I have more clarity about my career goals and less anxiety about making and handling money. I appreciate that Peggy really listened to what I had to say and kept the conversation friendly and casual.

Lori Gayle

I have been able to focus and execute my goals. Thanks to the step by step guidance I was able to realize them. Every session we ended I had this great feeling of excitement and hope.

Coleen Williams

I feel like I have more clarity on what I need to concentrate on which is my art. Tackling just a small piece of the mountain each day is do-able and gives a sense of achievement even though its just small wins. It was just like spending time with a friend.

Your commitment to give it your all and to be open-minded about the tools I’m going to hand you to make this work.

Gain a clear focus on your goals, life, and business.

P.S. The coaching sessions can be in Flemish or in English!


What does a life coach do?

A life coach is a professional who helps individuals identify and achieve their personal and professional goals. A life coach works with clients to assess their current situation, clarify their vision and goals, and develop actionable plans to achieve those goals.

A life coach may use a variety of techniques and tools to support their clients, such as helping them identify their strengths and weaknesses, providing guidance on time management and productivity, assisting them in developing healthy habits, and offering support and accountability throughout the process.

Some common areas that a life coach may focus on include career development, relationships, personal growth, and health and wellness. The specific focus will depend on the client’s needs and goals.

It’s important to note that a life coach is not a therapist or counselor, and does not provide mental health or medical advice. Instead, a life coach focuses on helping individuals create a plan to achieve their desired outcomes and offers support and guidance as they work towards those goals.

How can a life coach help you out?

If you’re here, you may be wondering why you need a life coach. Life coaching is a powerful tool that can help you achieve your goals, overcome obstacles, and create the life you want.

At different times in our lives, we all face challenges that can be difficult to navigate alone. Maybe you’re feeling stuck in your career, struggling with relationships, or simply feeling unfulfilled and unsure of your purpose. These are common issues that many people face, but they can be overwhelming to deal with on your own.

That’s where a life coach comes in. A life coach is a trained professional who can help you identify your goals, develop a plan to achieve them, and provide support and guidance along the way. They can help you overcome limiting beliefs and self-doubt, and provide a fresh perspective on your challenges.

Working with a life coach can help you gain clarity and focus, increase your confidence and motivation, and create lasting change in your life. Whether you’re looking to make a career change, improve your relationships, or simply live a more fulfilling life, a life coach can help you get there.

So, if you’re ready to take the next step toward creating the life you want, I am here to help. Browse my website to learn more about our coaching services, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

What can I gain from working with a life coach?

There are many potential benefits to working with a life coach. Here are some examples of what someone could gain by being coached:

  1. Clarity and focus: A life coach can help individuals clarify their goals and develop a plan of action to achieve them. By working with a coach, individuals can gain clarity and focus on what they want to achieve, and how they can get there.
  2. Accountability: A life coach can provide support and accountability to help individuals stay on track with their goals. By regularly checking in and holding individuals accountable for their progress, a coach can help them stay motivated and focused.
  3. Increased confidence: By helping individuals identify and leverage their strengths, a life coach can help build confidence and self-esteem. This can translate into greater success in both personal and professional endeavors.
  4. Improved relationships: A life coach can help individuals develop stronger and more fulfilling relationships by identifying areas for improvement and providing strategies for effective communication and conflict resolution.
  5. Better work-life balance: A life coach can help individuals identify ways to achieve a better balance between work and personal life. This can lead to increased satisfaction and fulfillment in both areas.

Overall, working with a life coach can help individuals gain greater self-awareness, improve their personal and professional skills, and achieve their desired outcomes.

When are the coaching sessions planned?

In the beginning of our journey together we’ll look at a time that fits both of us and we’ll try to keep our sessions at the same time every week. That makes it easier for you to block that time in advance.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule?

Life can get in between. If you’d like to reschedule, please do so at least 48h in advance. 

How does the payment work?

I’ll send you a coaching contract and invoice before the start of our first coaching session. There are several payment options you can use.

There are payment plans available, reach out and we’ll chat about it.

What if we don’t “connect”?

That is of course always possible. That’s why we start off with a “no-strings-attached” free coaching session. If we find, after our first coaching session, that our personalities don’t connect, no harm done.

You can book yours here.

Do you guarantee the privacy of my information?

Absolutely! I guarantee never to use your details or anything you say without getting your permission first. At the end of the program, I’ll ask you to write some feedback and you can choose whether you want this information to stay confidential or not.

What is the difference between coaching, counselling and therapy?

Coaching, counseling, and therapy are all types of professional support that aim to help individuals overcome personal or emotional difficulties. However, each of these disciplines has its own unique focus and approach.

Coaching is a process that involves working with a coach to set and achieve specific goals related to personal or professional development. Coaches use a variety of techniques and tools to help clients identify their strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement, and develop action plans to achieve their goals. Coaching is often used in the context of career development, business leadership, or mindset coaching.

Counseling, on the other hand, focuses on helping individuals to overcome emotional difficulties or mental health issues. A counselor provides a safe and confidential space for clients to discuss their feelings, thoughts, and behaviors, and works with them to develop coping strategies and problem-solving skills. Counseling can address a wide range of issues, including anxiety, depression, relationship problems, and trauma.

Therapy, like counseling, is focused on improving mental and emotional well-being, but it tends to be a more long-term and in-depth process. Therapists work with clients to explore the root causes of their emotional difficulties and help them to develop insight and understanding into their own behavior patterns and thought processes. Therapy can be used to treat a range of mental health conditions, including anxiety disorders, mood disorders, personality disorders, and substance abuse.

In summary, coaching focuses on goal setting and personal development, counseling focuses on emotional support and coping strategies, and therapy focuses on exploring deeper emotional issues and developing insight and understanding. Each discipline has its own unique benefits and can be helpful in different situations, depending on the individual’s needs and goals.

What are your creditials?

I’m a Certified Wayfinder Coach via Martha Beck Inc and I have an ACC (Associate Certified Coach) with the ICF (International Coaching Federation).

I have also followed intensive training to get my Walking Coaching certification in The Netherlands with Tria.

Most of my experience comes however from being an entrepreneur myself since 2004. You can say that I have been on the entrepreneur rollercoaster for many years! And still growing and evolving every single day.

What’s special about your way of coaching?

The beauty of my coaching is in its simplicity, I encourage you to take the time to “switch-off”, to calm your mind and take time for yourself. All while taking those steps towards reaching your goals and build the life and business you want. Keeping that balance is crucial if you want to be succesful.

Oh… and there is only one Peggy 😏  Some of my coachees are using the #thepeggyeffect. I think that says enough of my personalized approach.

How long does the coaching take?

Forward Focus is a 4-week program.

Do I need anything special?

No, you don’t need anything special. Your commitment to move forward is all it takes.

Still got some doubts? Drop me an email on always@abackyardhiker.com