And, why you should consider giving it a try.

Everything before seven o’clock in the morning is way too early! That was exactly my moto, at least, before we moved to South Africa. Our big move has changed my life in many different ways. Starting my day early was a change I never saw coming.

Just like many things in life, it just happened. It is however a change that I embrace with all my heart! So much that I think I should share it, so maybe you can benefit from it as well.

Life in South Africa just starts earlier, for every one. Peak hours in gym classes are between 5.00 – 6.00! Can you imagine?! Back in Belgium that time of the day, or better night, would have meant rolling over onto my other side in bed and enjoy at least two more hours of sleep.

Your day also ends earlier. Meeting up with friends in the evening is around 18.00. By 22.00 you are on your way home and that’s already late for me 😉

I’m sure the time of the sunrise and sunset has something to do with it. Especially in wintertime it gets dark early and even in summertime you only have sunshine until 19.00.

More importantly for starting my day earlier are the advantages I get with it. I hear you thinking, what on earth can be good on waking up early? Well, lots!

Wake up with determination. Go to bed with satisfaction.


Increased productivity

First of all, despite the fact that I end my day earlier, I’m far more productive. It’s not that I work longer now, not at all. It’s just that I get more done in the same amount of time.

I do have a plan of what I do in the morning. After my daily workout and meditation session, I start with the most important thing first. Often it’s not the stuff I enjoy doing the most. But the feeling of getting that finished first thing of the day gives me so much energy that I can keep on going for the rest of the day.

For one reason or another, it just feels like you have more time in your day.

Enjoy the small things you don’t see on any other time of the day

When you start your day early, you experience the world differently. You have to admit that seeing the sun come up has something magical. Hearing the birds sing are sounds that fade away during the day. You see the fog clearing up to make room for a blue sky and even the spider webs have something special about them in the morning.

Sleep better and feel better

Needless to say that since I start my day early I go to bed earlier. Yes because I’m tired but more so that I got a feeling of satisfaction that I got everything done! No more tossing around and worrying about what I still have to do. Because my sleep quality has improved tremendously I also feel better in general.

Embrace peace and quiet

Have I mentioned that it is so peaceful and quiet in the morning? Nobody bothering you with difficult questions, no phones that are ringing or messages that come through. It’s just you and the perks of the morning.

Oh, I deliberately don’t start my day with reading my e-mails or checking any social media. I do that when the important things are done.

Is it the start of just a new hype?

I honestly don’t know. I have read a lot of books and blog posts about the topic and saw more than one You tube video. If you google “the perks of getting up early” you get a staggering 737.000.000 results! So there must be something good about it.

It’s nothing new, my grandparents always woke up really early. But, that was in an era where we didn’t have Netflix, Facebook or Instagram. Maybe one of the reasons I wake up early is that I stopped watching TV.

So if you want to experience more productivity, creativity, a good nights sleep or see the sun come up, then give waking up a try. Not just once but incorporate it as it’s a new lifestyle. Looking forward to hearing your experience.

You can let me know early in the morning, I’ll be up 🙂



Hi, I'm Peggy, Wayfinding Coach and a Backyard Hiker. Here to inspire you to find clarity so you can get unstuck and start enjoying life and build a business that thrives!

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