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It's time to walk YOUR path...

Find clarity and get unstuck! So you can create a more satisfying life, and build a successful business!

... and I'll be walking with you!

Hey there!

I’m Peggy, Certified Wayfinding Lifestyle Coach, and a Backyard Hiker

I inspire and guide small business owners, who are ready to take responsibility for their thoughts and actions, to FIND CLARITY, and GET UNSTUCK. So they can MOVE FORWARD with confidence on the path towards creating a more satisfying life and a successful business.

I’ll be your trusted guide on your journey and will point you in the right direction. I’ll be there to give you that kick in the butt when needed so you can take ACTION. I’ll listen to your struggles and share my experiences. I’ll encourage you to start living in the moment, and to enjoy life to the fullest 👣

At one point in life, I didn’t see the forest for the trees, I felt overwhelmed and disconnected between what I really wanted in life and the life I was actually living. Until I stepped away from it and literally went for a walk!

Walking gave me clarity, I managed to see things from a different perspective, and it allowed me to rediscover my strengths and confidence.

I found my way again, I started to walk my path

I hope my journey will inspire you to do the same.


Start your journey today and go from feeling overwhelmed and unsure about what to focus on, to being a confident and relaxed person with a clear goal in mind.

We are going to clear that fuzzy mess in your head and find the best way to help you reconnect with your authentic self and live the happy, joyous, fulfilling life you’ve been dreaming of. It is time to put yourself first!