Mindful Meander

For those who are ready to find clarity, get unstuck,
start walking their own path 👣

For those who are ready to start living the life, they want to be living!

The next Mindful Meander journey will start on the 19th of September!

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Follow your inner compass,
even if you are not sure where it is pointing at yet...

Do you feel numb and disconnected from your true self?
As though you are going through the motions on auto-pilot?
Do you feel overwhelmed most of the time?
You are convinced that everybody else has got more hours in a day!
Do you have the feeling that you are living a life that is not truly yours?
You’ve lost your sense of direction in life…

You are longing to find clarity, your purpose, and to have more time to do the things you LOVE to do. You just don’t know where to start, and you are beyond frustration. Keep reading, you are at the right place!

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Discover what it takes to walk your path, find clarity, purpose and create that life-work balance from the comfort of your own space. I have to warn you, it IS going to change your life!

Complete the details below and be the FIRST to know when we open the doors for this life-transforming journey that will help you to break free so you can start walking your path! Being on the VIP list already gets you one step ahead of everyone else 👣

I’m sure that you, just like me, can relate to any, or maybe, all of the following:

You’ve got many, many ideas of how your perfect day would look like but there are only so many hours in a day.

You don’t really know how to start with that one project, so you don’t start at all.

Besides trying to be the perfect parent, sister or brother, daughter or son, or partner, you are also trying to excel in your job or business. But you know that you're unable to keep all the balls in the air for much longer.

You run on auto-pilot, and your day goes by in the blink of an eye.

You always get the feeling that you could have done better, if you only had more time.

Bottomline, you feel lost and disconnected. Deep down you know you are walking a path that is not yours to walk.


To walk YOUR path, you need to take the time to reconnect with your true self. You need to get a clear idea of YOUR goals and dreams. What is it that you want from your life? What if you would dare to dream BIG?!

You’re working hard to achieve this, but you still feel:

Fuzzy (and not in a fun, margaritas-in-the-sun way)

Unfocused (so many things to do, so much Netflix to watch)

Frustrated (worse than when the Wi-Fi is slow)

If you’re at the point of chucking your growing pile of self-help books out the window and have enough of cookie-cutter online seminars that tell you a whole bunch of stuff you already know (just in fancy new lingo), you might be ready to:

Reframe your idea of the 'right way' of doing things.

Start doing the things you love in a way that helps you reach your goals.

Create a clear path that prioritises your own needs.

Reach out for help when you need it.

Grab life by the horns and carpe that diem.

It doesn’t matter in what stage of life you are right now. Just know that it IS possible and that you’re important enough to live a happy, fulfilled and balanced life!

Do you feel like you’ve been left out of the loop and that everyone else seems to know a secret to happiness that has been kept from you? Do these perfect, happy people (probably your best friends on social media) and their purpose-driven lives only serve to highlight the inadequacies of your own? Then it’s time to jump in with both feet and create the life you want!

You may have enrolled in countless mindfulness programs, chatted into the ears of friends who don’t understand what the hell you’re on about, gotten wrapped up in Facebook groups and so much more, without any tangible results. There’s a reason for this – you have been skipping a few vital foundational steps or you’ve used tactics that aren’t suited to you.

Complete the details below and be the FIRST to know when we open the doors for this life-transforming journey that will help you to break free so you can start walking your path! Get yourself one step ahead of everyone else 👣

**Ray of hope alert**

I am here to be your guide on your journey; I’ll give you all the tools you need to take those important first steps. There’ll be action, doing, and… walking. 

We’re going to take the plan off the page into real life. So you can start experiencing and feeling actual differences! 

Step-by-step, you’ll create the path to the life that you are ready to embrace. I’ll point you in the right direction so you can find YOUR way.

**Truth bomb alert**

This is not a quick fix. If anyone is trying to sell you a one-size-fits-all lifestyle solution that will be smooth sailing and take a week or two, run the other way. Walking your path, finding clarity, and creating that life-work balance is not for the faint-hearted.

It takes a lot of hustle and heart. It takes work, and it’s an ongoing process. Because life is forever changing!

But … once you know which direction you’re headed to, you’ll be able to deal with those curve balls life throws at you! 

Complete the details below and be the FIRST to know when we open the doors for this life-transforming journey that will help you to break free so you can start walking your path! Being on the VIP list already gets you one step ahead of everyone else 👣

You are probably spending too much time on:

Trying to do good for everyone.

Wanting to be that perfect person that everyone expects you to be.

Wondering why there are only 24 hours in a day because you could easily use 26.

… all while working hard to find some time for yourself as well.

I’ve come to understand that many of us struggle our way through a very busy day without feeling that we’ve accomplished anything at all. To make matters worse, you often end up dreading that tomorrow is going to be even worse because you didn’t even get to half of the things on your to-do list. When you’re stuck in this misery, it’s easy to feel like a failure, and get to the point where your body throws in the towel and you end up with a bad case of burnout.

You question yourself, and wonder why things in life are the way they are.


I have worked with so many ladies (I still need to get that first man to open up!) like you who are at that point in life where they ask themselves if this what life is all about? Running around from one place to another and trying to become that perfect person everybody wants me to be? Leaving a trail of unfinished projects lying around that drive you crazy?

Complete the details below and be the FIRST to know when we open the doors for this life-transforming journey that will help you to break free so you can start walking your path! Being on the VIP list already gets you one step ahead of everyone else 👣

You may have:

Bought programs and courses.

Gone to see a coach.

Tried to learn to be all mindful about it.

Written down all your experiences in a notebook.

Felt like you’ve tried everything.

You really are trying with the best of intentions but still don’t feel like you’re getting anywhere. So, what is the secret - the thing that will actually make a difference?

What would it feel like if you would have a clear picture of where you are headed? What would happen if you would allow yourself to dream out loud? What would it be like if you would reconnect with your authentic self? If you would be able to face up to those hard questions and actually answer them as well? Acknowledging what it is that you really want and leaving the fear of others opinions behind!

Mindful Meander is an invitation to unlock your intuition, confidence, and your power within!

Think about all those programs you have bought and haven’t acted on; all the guides and freebies that are sitting on your virtual shelf collecting dust. I can almost guarantee that most of them made false promises, and/or forgot some foundational steps.


Get clarity of what it is you really want, what is your purpose, your why?

Understanding your needs so you can develop your own path, one that actually works for YOU.

A clear plan that prioritises your needs, because a happier version of you will also benefit everybody who surrounds you.

Learning to reach out for help and finding the power to say NO

Understanding how to take care of your body and mind without overcomplicating everything.

Learning to set goals that are actually achievable.

Learn to appreciate that small steps will actually get you somewhere, keeping that life-work balance always in mind!

This stuff sounds obvious I know, of course you need all of this, right?

But my guess is that if you’ve tried everything and nothing seems to be working you may have overlooked a few of these super-important foundational steps.

You probably wanted to change too much at once and felt overwhelmed… again.

Are you ready for a hands-on approach?

Are you ready to take responsibility for your own actions and thoughts?

Are you ready for CHANGE?

Then Mindful Meander online coaching program is for you, if you want to…

Create a life with time for yourself, family, friends and your work, in that order!

Eliminate “busy” work and get productive.

Create YOUR perfect life that stands out in the way you want it to stand out.

Spend time on the things that matters most.

Take control of your own agenda.

Quit the endless cycle of planning but not doing it, and instead just freaking START.

Ready to give it your all!

Go bigger sooner and free-er with your dreams and plans.

Prioritize self-care so you can show up for others the way you want to show up.

Complete the details below and be the FIRST to know when we open the doors for this life-transforming journey that will help you to break free so you can start walking your path! Being on the VIP list already gets you one step ahead of everyone else 👣

By the end of this program, you’ll be able to:

Gain clarity on your life and career / business.

Make a step-by-step plan that will get you closer to your dreams and goals.

Set your priorities straight.

Learn to say NO and know how to do that.

Become productive instead of busy.

Control procrastination.

Not only start but also finish your passion projects.

Learn how to avoid the rabbit hole of social media.

And even create a new career for yourself that you are proud of and actually enjoy (who would have thought!)

Forget about the "What if's..." because you are actually doing it!

You'll be walking YOUR path!

Are you ready to reconnect with your authentic self (again)?



Time to reconnect with your authentic self, time for self-reflection, and introspection. What are your strengths and where lies your passion?

Your vision for life

If you are truly honest with yourself, do you know what it is that you really want? What are your higher goals, why you’re doing what you do? It’s time to dream BIG, even if it scares you.

Get unstuck and get moving

Are you waiting for the perfect time, until you have followed that course, or until you have grown your confidence? What is it that is holding you back? Get ready to break some of those old habits!

Letting GO and learn how to say NO

Could this be the most challenging part for you? Do you find it hard to say NO? Are you ready to see it from a different perspective? Because saying NO to something is actually saying YES to something far more important.

Setting your GOALS and make a PLAN!

You know what you want, you have figured out what is holding you back, now it is time to put those goals and dreams into an achievable step-by-step PLAN.

PLAN and structure your day, get things DONE!

Planning and getting some structure in your day will help you a long way. In this module, we’ll have a deeper look into how good planning will help you to focus forward and move towards your goals. Get things done with every step you take.

Stay motivated and on track!

Being excited to start something new is one thing, staying motivated is something totally different! Let’s dive into the different techniques of how you can keep yourself motivated. 

Balance and self-care

Maybe the biggest reason why you signed up for Mindful Meander. Finding time for some precious self-care is going to be so much easier and more importantly without feeling guilty! 

Complete the details below and be the FIRST to know when we open the doors for this life-transforming journey that will help you to break free so you can start walking your path! Being on the VIP list already gets you one step ahead of anybody else 👣

When you sign up for Mindful Meander, you’ll receive:

4 months / 16 weeks, 8 modules: The program includes 8 modules so you can become that confident person that is walking their own path!

Walking Practices: Every module is accompanied by a specific walking practice. I’ll motivate you to step outside!

Lifestyle Practices: Every module is accompanied by a specific lifestyle practice. They will help you to get out of that comfort zone and to get closer to your goals and dreams. Open up your mind for some new experiences!

4 live group coaching calls! Every month I'll be hosting a live Q&A call in which we'll deep dive into the topics you struggle with the most.

Kick-off call! We'll start the program together with a kick-off call. So that I can be sure you are on the right track.

Be part of a closed private community. A safe space in which you can connect with like-minded souls.

Fool-proof homework & checklists.

Lifetime access: You'll have access to Mindful Meander for as long as the program exists, and you'll also get free access to any updates to the content along the way! Whenever you lost your sense of direction, you can revisit the different modules.

When you sign up for Mindful Meander - One-on-One, you'll get all the above plus:

4 one-on-one coaching calls! Thanks to the personalized approach you'll get that extra push that will motivate you to take those next steps. I'll give you that kick in the butt and will keep you personally accountable.

Live day in Belgium ( in June in Antwerp) or South Africa (in July in White River). We'll have a FUN day, exchange our struggles and share our journey. We'll look ahead, set goals and take action. We'll go for a walk, have a nice lunch but most importantly, we can connect LIVE.

Only 10 spots available!

Complete the details below and be the FIRST to know when we open the doors for this life-transforming journey that will help you to break free so you can start walking your path! Being on the VIP list already gets you one step ahead of anybody else 👣

Who is this Peggy person?

I’m Peggy, Wayfinding Coach, and a Backyard Hiker

I hope to inspire and guide you when you are ready to take responsibility for your thoughts and actions, to FIND CLARITY, and GET UNSTUCK. So you can MOVE FORWARD on the path towards building the life and business YOU really want.

I’ll be your trusted guide on your journey and will point you in the right direction. I’ll be there to give you that kick in the butt when needed so you can take ACTION. I’ll listen to your struggles and share my experiences. I’ll encourage you to go outside for a walk and enjoy life to the fullest 👣

I hope my journey will inspire you to do the same.


Still got some doubts? Just drop me an email!


What is it like to take an online program?

The best thing about online programs and courses is that they are interactive. It’s scientifically proven that we retain the information better when it’s in this format versus a book. Plus, it’s like having a life coach walk you through your life whenever it’s convenient for you.

Please don’t miss this opportunity because you’re afraid to try something new. Once you try an online program, you’ll be hooked because you’ll actually see change happening. Trust me!

It’s maybe important to know that I’ve been an online coach for future solopreneurs since 2009! So, I know my way around, just a little bit.

Remember that you’ve got lifetime access. This isn’t – hurry up and go – kind of thing. With an online program, you get lifetime access so you can go back and refresh no matter what.

Can I trust you, Peggy?

I know exactly where you are, I am the real deal and I’m convinced that I can help you. Why am I so sure? Because I changed my own life, long before I ever tried to spread the word and help others.


I was going to be part of those statistics; I was that person that was running around like a headless chicken. Instead of living the life I wanted I was living up to the expectations that weren’t my own. I was overwhelmed.


Going back to the roots changed my life. Since then, it’s been my passion to inspire and guide others to walk their own path, find their way. Whatever that means for them.


If you still got some questions, send me an e-mail and I’ll try to get them answered!

When does the next Mindful Meander start?

The next Mindful Meander will kick off on the 19th of September.  

We start the program with a Kick-off group call. From that moment on, a new module will be released every two weeks. You go through the modules at your own pace. This is YOUR journey, so you take it at YOUR pace.

I do however suggest tackling at least one module every two weeks and making a plan to make it happen!

The live Q&A group calls are based on the two modules that were released that month.

How long do I have access to the course?

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like – across any and all devices you own.

How do I justify this price of this course?

Aren’t we all famous for prioritising everyone but ourselves. It’s easy to make sure everyone else has whatever they need and all the while we’re totally neglecting ourselves. Except for those expensive shoes of course 😉

Listen, to me – this is NOT frivolous! This WILL change who you are as a human being for the better. And when you better yourself, you better your entire family and everyone else around you. This is an investment for your life.

A team is only as good as their worst player. If one player on the team is playing out of their depth, the rest of the team is going to feel that. That’s why it’s important to invest in your well-being! And if you are honest… how much did you already spend on that monthly gym membership and you only went the first week? Don’t laugh, I’ve been there!

What if I am unhappy with the course?

We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first week of the coaching program and we will give you a full refund.

What do I do if I need extra help?

If you would like more personalized guidance, then you can opt for Mindful Meander – one-on-one.

You got a question that didn't get answered? Drop me an e-mail on always@abackyardhiker.com