If you want to live a more balanced life, you need to… start working out, eat healthier, start meditating, start a gratitude journal, sleep seven to eight hours, stay positive all the time, drink enough water, create meaningful relationships with your friends and family, keep space for personal growth, have FUN (you have to have FUN), become more spiritual, oh and don’t forget about running that 6-figure business as well… , and preferably all at once!

Just reading this makes me want to pull out my hair. The last time I checked there really are just 24 hours in a day, right? How on earth can someone pull this off?

The answer is really simple… step-by-step! There are however two conditions: the steps you are taking need to contribute towards achieving your kind of balanced life (chances that mindless scrolling on your phone is going to help with that is very small) and you need to be consistent! If you keep those two key factors in mind, then living the life you truly want to embrace is within reach and your steps can be really small.

But, if you are a bit like my “old” me, any of the following thoughts are crossing your mind right now:

  • It’s going to take me too long to reach my goals
  • Taking small steps are not going to get me anywhere soon
  • I really can do more than that, I’ll just show you!
  • Taking time for myself, what are other people going to think?
  • Sleep is overrated
  • I’ll rest when I’m retired, I’ll quickly fit that in

Want to feel overwhelmed, disconnected, and not really get anything done? Keep listening to that inner voice of yours! Success guaranteed.  

If you are however really honest with yourself and open-minded to new ideas, then start embracing the power of taking small steps.

Yes, it maybe IS going to take you longer to achieve your goals but for once you are actually going to achieve them. Yes, it is going to take you longer to lose that weight, but you are finally going to reach your ideal weight and you are going to be able to keep it. Yes, it is going to take you longer to create that successful business, but you are going to get there, no matter what!

I know firsthand that it is possible, I know firsthand that taking small consistent steps can change your life.

Let me take you back in time… I used to be the person that wanted to do everything at the same time. Let’s not forget to mention that everything had to be done perfectly as well. But you know what, often I just didn’t manage to get it done because it was just too much!

If I started something and I couldn’t do it according to the standards I had set for myself – which really were ridiculous by the way – I would throw in the towel. I would push it to the back of my mind and try to forget about my failure. Hoping nobody would have noticed it. Not that anybody would really care but the thought alone 😆

I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. I’m talking about going to see a dietician and then coming up with excuses why you have to reschedule your next appointment because you just knew you didn’t lose weight. Avoiding it would be easier than facing the facts. It’s when you decide to stop following that expensive course you enrolled in because you didn’t manage to get the assignment done and now, you’ll look like a fool. It’s about not showing up for your weekly run with your friends because you didn’t find time to practice, and you know you’ll struggle to keep up.

Do you think that the above approach brought me to lose any weight in the long run? That it contributed to my personal growth or that it made me healthier? Do I really need to give you the answer? Of course, it didn’t! By giving it up altogether I didn’t manage to accomplish any of the above! Best case scenario I gave myself a pat on the back and said that I at least gave it a try. It wasn’t meant to be. One skill I developed really well was coming up with excuses 😂

Until I discovered the power of being patient and taking small steps, then I didn’t have to come up with excuses because I was actually getting things done!

I managed to create a calming morning routine, to lose 10 kg (this is an ongoing journey, but my end goal is in sight), set up a couple of successful business’ (without feeling overwhelmed), I started with daily walks on the 1st of April 2020 (no, it’s not a joke) and have walked every single day since then, I meditate daily, I find the time to do the things I LOVE to do… I can honestly say that I created a life that brings me joy and happiness.

Want to give this approach of mine a go? Keep the following thoughts in mind…

1. You really don’t have to do everything at once!

Pick the project you really want to tackle and focus on that. Whether it is personal growth, losing weight, a business-related project, improving your relationships, … PICK ONE and give yourself time to achieve this.

2. Determine the small steps that, when doing consistently, can actually make a change.

If you want to start cooking healthier, start with one day in the week. Still too much, start with one meal in the week and slowly grow into it. Before you know it, every meal you’ll cook will be made with healthier choices.

3. Less is more!

Saying YES to everything is not going to help you out. On the contrary, it can leave you burned out before you even started. Do you want to find calmness in your day? Then choose between yoga, meditation, journaling, going for a walk or whatever would suit you and stick with it. As soon as it has become a habit, then you can add something to that routine.

4. 10-minutes can really make a difference!

Let go of the idea that if you don’t do something for at least an hour it’s no use in starting it at all! If I write every day for 10 minutes, then by the end of the year I might just have written a whole book. But if I never started, I would probably still be staring at a blank page.

5. Success works motivational 👊🏻

Seeing success in taking those small steps in one area of your life will give your confidence a boost and it will be easier to start tackling those other projects as well.

6. Being consistent will make it easier to keep it going

You’ll be creating a good habit without even knowing it! Taking small steps will not feel like a big burden because you can easily fit them in. And, because you are being consistent in taking these small steps, you’ll soon find that it will come naturally to you. Then it’s time to take the next step!

Your turn, what are the big goals you find hard to accomplish? The ones you started a million times over and over again. What are the small steps you can start taking today and when doing consistently will actually get you there? Take those small steps and get sh*t done!

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Hi, I'm Peggy, Wayfinding Coach and a Backyard Hiker. Here to inspire you to find clarity so you can get unstuck and start enjoying life and build a business that thrives!