Whatever that means to you…

A balanced life, such a loaded word but, what does that even mean?

Chances are that an image, of someone doing a balancing yoga pose, just popped up in your mind. You are seeing yourself completing life circles and thinking about work-life balance.

There is no such thing as work-life balance – it is all life. The balance has to be within you. – Sadhguru⠀

Living a life in balance means that you are living with peace and harmony every day, or at least try to. As the quote already says, it’s not only about finding a balance between work-life. It’s about soo much more and more importantly, it means something different for every one of us!

Let me take you back to where my journey into finding that balance started and what it means to me…

At a certain point in my career as a solopreneur, I realized that there was so much more in life than running around like a headless chicken. I was getting so frustrated because I just couldn’t get everything done, I wanted to do.

Why were there just not more hours in a day?!

Besides running a couple of businesses, I also was trying hard to be the perfect wife, sister, daughter, aunt and, friend. But it just wasn’t happening. On the contrary, I slowly but surely realized I was living a life that wasn’t mine to live. Instead of growing and going forward I stayed put despite all the hours I was putting into everything. It wasn’t going as I had envisioned it!

Since I couldn’t change the number of hours in the day, I had to look for a different solution to get out of this rut. Not only my environment was protesting to my lifestyle, apparently I’m not the most likable person when I’m under stress 😆, my body and mind also started to protest.

But what was this different solution? What changes did I have to make?

A lot of self-help books and many walks later, it all became clear to me and slowly my path unraveled and revealed itself. I had to find the right balance in my life. A balance that suited my lifestyle and character.

Just realizing that was already a big revelation, before the start of my journey, I wasn’t even aware that something like balance existed. I was the all or nothing kind of a person!

I realized that for me, having a balanced life means that I can choose carefully what takes up my time. It is about creating time to do the things I love, that gives me the energy to do the things I have to!

I still can’t change the number of hours in my day, but I am getting pretty good at creating white spaces in my calendar and taking control of my agenda. That way I can finally spend time on the things I love to do – being outdoors, going on a two-week holiday, movie nights with my husband, picking up a course here and there, going for coffee with my friends, basically living a life while earning an income as well!

To be able to achieve this, I had to learn to say no, ask for help without feeling guilty, set my priorities straight and get a clear focus on my goals which you can freely translate into; not wanting to do everything at the same time!

Letting go has become a top priority and opened up a clear pathway that I’m currently walking.  Living a balanced life is living intentionally, with a purpose that leaves its footprint on every single day. Because that’s how you end up with a life worth living.

I just don’t understand why it has taken me so long to figure out that it’s not so difficult at all to find your path, a path that satisfies all your needs. I guess you just need to get your foundations right!

I know you can do this too. You really can! And it doesn’t matter in what chaos you might be living right now or what stage of life you are in. It is all about taking small steps at a time!

To help you along the way, I created a free e-book “6-step roadmap to unlock your pathway to that balanced life!”

Don’t wait until tomorrow to do something you can do today! Your first step is to download that e-book!

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Hi, I'm Peggy, Wayfinding Coach and a Backyard Hiker. Here to inspire you to find clarity so you can get unstuck and start enjoying life and build a business that thrives!