You might even find time to take the scenic route!

I remember our first day in South Africa as if it was yesterday. Enthusiastic as we were to start this new adventure there was a lot we had to sort out as well. There was no time to waste and we had made a plan. Upon our arrival we would pick up our new car, get a P.O.Box, sort out our medical aid, get a cellphone and open a bank account. Yes, all on the same day. Let’s just say that it didn’t really go as planned.

The car was sorted in a blink of an eye, the cellphone took about a week, we had a bank account within the month, medical aid took us more or less 5 weeks and for the P.O.Box we had to wait almost 8 months. Yes, this was an eye-opener! We had to change our perspective about the pace of life we had put upon ourselves.

Used to get everything done straight away, running from one place to another, trying to fit in as much as possible, putting unnecessary pressure upon ourselves. And then you get disappointed and frustrated that a plan fails.

Just as we get disappointed when we make a plan to get better at something in life. Whether we want to lose weight, become fitter, master a new language, being the best host ever or run our first marathon (and not just arrive but set a damn good time as well). It all takes too long and we keep falling short of our own expectations. Why?

There is only one right answer, because we want it all at once and then preferably it needs to happen quick as well.

Instead of concentrating on one aspect, on one important thing at a time, allowing to take the time to create momentum and appreciating what we have achieved we hurry ourselves and hit a wall, more than once. And eventually never achieve anything at all…

Guess what… it really is easier to take it one day at a time and enjoy the journey along the way. You might even have time to take the scenic route and stop once in a while.

It’s all about making a plan and keep the bigger picture in mind. This is how you can get started…

Concentrate on one thing you want to work on and set an achievable daily goal

Let’s say you got inspired to create a morning routine but now you realize that this means that you have to get up a whole hour earlier, incorporate a workout, journaling, meditation, reading,… and while you are at it learn something new as well. Yes, I know I wrote that blog post 😃 Even while I’m typing this it sounds overwhelming to me.

But, if you start with concentrating on just one element, for example, you begin with getting up 20 minutes earlier and do a morning walk. This you implement daily. You’ll grow your confidence, and slowly but surely you can add a second element and get up 40 minutes earlier. Before you know it, you are jumping out of bed and you’ve got a solid morning routine going!

Celebrate small wins

Instead of being happy with what you’ve accomplished you are disappointed in what you don’t have. Or frustrated with the long road that is still ahead of you. You only got the big, long-term goal in mind, accomplishing this morning routine!

That merely two weeks you got spooked out even thinking about getting up 20 minutes earlier, you are just forgetting. You need to enjoy the journey, even if it is with taking small steps!

It will be hard to keep yourself motivated if you don’t celebrate your small wins and give yourself that pat on the back once in a while!

Track your time and actions

I’m not talking about tracking how slow your progress is. Dhu… By the way, did you know that on average it takes about 60 days to learn a new habit and about 6-10 years to become really good at something?

I’m talking about tracking your accomplishments to see when you can celebrate those small wins! Did you go for a morning walk 7 days in a row? Bring out the champagne, celebrate and let’s make it 10 days in a row. Oh, and give me a call, always in for a glass.

Review and repeat

Think 6 weeks down the line, you’ve got that morning routine sorted! Now you are ready to tackle that next thing on your list!

What else do you want to master? Learning a new language, go for that marathon, play the guitar?

Whatever it is, if you keep following the above steps, you will be able to achieve anything.

Let go of wanting it all at once, even if you are enthusiastic and you are sure it will all be achievable. The chances that you’ll be stuck with a feeling of disappointment is far bigger than that you are actually going to achieve something.

Remember, don’t rush, take one step at a time, enjoy the journey and when you see a sign “scenic route”, take it!

P.S. we were happy that the car was the first thing we got sorted. At least we could drive to all the other stuff we had to get sorted 😂



Hi, I'm Peggy, Wayfinding Coach and a Backyard Hiker. Here to inspire you to find clarity so you can get unstuck and start enjoying life and build a business that thrives!