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If you listen to your body when it whispers, you won’t have to hear it scream.


And that’s exactly what I did, I listened to the whispers that were slowly growing stronger and stronger.

Being a home-based entrepreneur is awesome and I wouldn’t want it any other way!

There are many advantages of running your own business from the comforts of one own home. You can create your own schedule, your daily commute is from the kitchen to the office, no cue at the coffee machine, no distractions other than the timer from the washing machine,…

But there are also a couple of hidden dangers… your work is always just a step away. Even when you take a break, your workspace is still there. That’s why if I take a break, it’s away from home and work. Just a couple of days is usually plenty to recharge.

But, because of the Covid measurements, going away wasn’t an option at all. So, I kept working and creating. Taking the advantage of time, I had extra because a lot of appointments and retreats had been cancelled anyway.

But, after almost 6 months, I slowly but surely, I felt that just going for my daily walks wasn’t enough anymore to recharge my batteries. I really had to plan a break.

And when I say PLAN, I really mean that I had to make a plan. I looked at my schedule of the Rewild Your Senses course, when the group coaching calls of the Mindful Meander Tribe were planned and when the #60daystodiscover challenge was nearly coming to an end. I picked a week and blocked it in my planner. 

I not only gave myself permission to take a week off, I also forbade myself to work. That is stepping far out of my comfort zone! A unicum I’ve never done before. My world upside down!

I planned the week just as if I was going AWAY on holiday.

However I still made a to do list, things I finally could do during my week off 🙄

To my defense, that list contained: reading books, finally finishing a couple of online courses and going to the Kruger. Staying somewhere overnight was at the time of my careful planning not possible.

But, as if the universe was listening, some of the Covid-regulations were lifted last week and intra-provincial travel is allowed again!

I immediately went to see if there was an option to get away… to see if going to the bush for a couple of days could be a real thing!

I searched, found and am so looking forward to our stay in the brand new Mdluli Lodge and just do… nothing. Besides reading a book or two and go for a game drive 🐘

Planning that break was really what I needed. I’m so glad that I find it easier to listen to my body’s signals. I know that next week I’m going to be able to concentrate more, I’ll have more clarity and be much more creative.

Contemplating about life with a beautiful view

Do you find it hard to recognize your body’s signals? To recognize when it’s time to slow down and take a break?

Here are six signs when you need to plan for a getaway. Not tomorrow, today!

  1. You really don’t have the energy you normally have.
    Excessive stress can leave you feeling physically and mentally exhausted even if you had a decent night’s rest. You might find that things take a bit of extra time to get done, even the easiest tasks.

  2. You lose your creativity
    When you are mentally exhausted, it will be very difficult to stay on top of your game when it comes to your creativity. Even writing a simple e-mail might seems daunting.

  3. You have no motivation and start to procrastinate
    Starting your workday or any other project for that matter takes so much energy from you that if you could you just don’t start at all. You even find it hard to motivate yourself to attend any social events.

  4. You have a hard time concentrating
    If you can’t remember what has been said in the conversation 5 minutes ago, you read two pages in a book, but you don’t really know what you’ve read, then book that getaway NOW. Oh, and don’t blame it on the fact that you are getting older. Really!

  5. You start questioning why you do what you do
    Why were you up late to get that newsletter send? Why do you go to the gym and eat healthy? Why do you bother of giving that workshop?

    It’s perfectly normal that we question ourselves and what we do once in a while. But if that what you do doesn’t give you a sense of satisfaction or achievement anymore, then it’s time to really slow down and reflect.

  6. You aren’t enjoying your favorite things
    Losing interest in things that you otherwise love is a sign! If you used to love movie night, going out with friends or got energized from a game of golf but you feel that now it’s pointless to do any of these things then it’s time to take a step back.

I hope you can plan that getaway without having either of those signs!


Hi, I'm Peggy, Visionary Planning Coach and a Backyard Hiker. Here to inspire you to find clarity so you can get unstuck and start enjoying life and build a business that thrives!