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Before it catches up on you…

It’s that time of the year again, school is about to start and that is synonymous for “the vacation is over” and the possibly accompanying Vacation Blues.

Having to get back into the routine of work, school, and daily life in general can be a source of distress, disorientation and discomfort. It’s perfectly normal you long back to that feeling of relaxation, without the daily worries and struggles.

Why Is It So Difficult To Get Going After An Awesome Vacation?

It seems like you can’t get going while before we left on vacation, we managed to get soooo much done! You all of a sudden have got these loads of washing to do, kids need to be organized for that first day of school and you don’t even want to think about all those e-mails that are probably waiting for you at work.

But, you have got time to daydream and to think back about that awesome time you’ve just spent. Which isn’t really very helpful now as you need to get going!

Here are our 08 tips to make sure that Vacation Blues feeling doesn’t come!

01. Don’t return to working immediately. If you can, give yourself a couple of days to adjust to being home again. That way you are not thrown in the your normal routine straight away. You can allow mind and body to get ready for the battle field!

02. Travel in Your Backyard. You really don’t need to travel half the world to go and explore. Have you ever opened up a travel guide from your area? You might be surprised what you can discover!

03. Relive your vacation, make a photo album. You probably took lots of beautiful pictures and no doubt that you shared them on Instagram or Facebook. You even made sure that you made a backup of your pics on your hard drive or in the cloud. But, have you even considered making a photo album? Trust me, there is nothing nicer than to go through your holiday pictures long after you returned. It’s the best way to spend those cold winter nights 🙂

04. Keep a travel journal and read that when you get back. While you are busy with your photo album, you want to consider integrating your travel stories as well. Because, you do forget the names of the places you visit and where you had the world’s best coffee.

05. Begin planning your next vacation as soon as you get back. Ah, my favorite way to avoid the Vacation Blues is to start planning your next one straight away! Simply because planning and looking forward to that next trip is almost as good as the vacation itself. Almost, not entirely.

06. Make every day a day with that vacation feeling. Why should you wait for your next vacation to get that vacation feeling again? Wouldn’t it be great to be treated with that feeling every day? Think about what you loved the most of your last trip. Was it quality time with your partner? The time you had to be able to finally read that book? The idea you didn’t had to do the washing or cooking that meal?

I’m sure you could be creative enough with your time to incorporate your “vacation feeling” into your daily routine. Is incorporating it daily really not possible? Then go for it once a week. I’m sure that once you know how to create that feeling at home, you’ll soon find ways to go for that everyday feeling!

07. Get back into a healthy routine, go for a walk or join the #60daystodiscover Challenge. No better time to start with healthy routines after a vacation. When we travel we might be eating a little bit different than being at home. You intended to go on a daily run on the beach but lying next to the swimming pool just felt really nice as well. And you had to try every cocktail they served! Sounds familiar?
Traveling isn’t always great for us, so take the opportunity when you get home to start taking care or yourself. No need to wait for the 1st of January.

08. Catch up with friends and make them jealous with your stories 😉 I’m sure this doesn’t need any explanation!

Experiencing the Vacation Blues? Give one of my tips a try and let me know which one worked the best for you! Oh, and I don’t want to hear all your fabulous vacation stories or I’ll get the Vacation Blues and we don’t want that.


Hi, I'm Peggy, Visionary Planning Coach and a Backyard Hiker. Here to inspire you to find clarity so you can get unstuck and start enjoying life and build a business that thrives!

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