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You’ve come to a point where you just ‘know’ that you have to make a change. You realize that you no longer can follow the pace you are living your life at right now. You probably even tried a couple of things out but to no avail. You however have ZERO time and your idea of a balanced life is not going to the gym for three hours.

You might even have tried out going for a run, but you find it hard to admit that even that you don’t really like doing! Committing to a program only lasts for a good week but then you are back to square one. Whatever excuses have been holding you back, it’s time to take that first step to lower those stress levels and avoid that burnout!

“Every small step in the right direction becomes the start of something amazing!”

And that is exactly what you are going to do, taking one small step at a time. More precisely, I’m going to challenge you to step outside, every day for 10 minutes and this for the coming 21 days. The next challenge starts whenever you feel like! You just have to enroll 👇🏼

It’s super simple and has so many benefits.

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Challenge guidelines to help you stay motivated.

Getting some fresh air is included.

You can start with the challenge right now!

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“Why should I go outside?” Well, here are just a couple of benefits:

Walking and being outside will reduce stress!

Stress is one of the biggest killers out there, and it can have a very destructive effect on your relationships as well as your health. Walking keeps your stress hormone levels low and boosts your energy.

Your confidence will grow!

As soon as doubt creeps in, it can be a very, very powerful entity. Before you know it, it can consume your life and sabotage your success. Even during your highest of highs, you will have moments of questioning yourself. Imposter's Syndrome is commonplace for many female solopreneurs.
A good dose of self-confidence will help you lead a much happier life overall and that is exactly what walking is going to bring you.

Learn to be happier with your life

Even if you are in decent shape, make a good living and have stress under control, you can still be unhappy. It takes time and patience to learn how to find joy in the little things and not to let problems bring you down. While walking, your body releases endorphins leaving you with a great emotional benefit. You’ll be able to put everything in a better perspective.

Clear your mind

Sometimes you literally need to walk it off. You need to get away from the distractions of everyday things and clear your mind. Walking soothes the soul. It will help you think things through and help clear away the fog in your head.

FACT… walking has been shown very effective to prevent burnout

The reason I started walking and am still walking every day? I was so overwhelmed with all the projects that were coming my way that I literally had to step away to clear my mind. I couldn’t see the forest for the trees, wanted to quit all together but walking gave me back the calmness I needed. I (re)discovered my dreams and goals and managed gain a different perspective. All by stepping outside and going for a walk.

Okay, where’s the catch?

Participating in the #findyourcalm challenge is on the house or should I say on The Backyard! No, there is no catch, no secret subscription that you won’t be able to get out of, no hidden monthly fees.

Still Curious?

Here’s how it works…

Once you join the #findyourcalm challenge, I’ll guide you through the challenge, day-by-day for 21 days straight. You don’t have to stop after 21-days, you can walk as long as you want. The whole idea is for you to find a method to clear and calm your mind so you can find more balance in your life. This is just the start of something bigger!

You don’t need to live in a natural environment or having special equipment. Just go outside every day for a minimum of 10 minutes.

With going outside and discovering I mean going outside consciously. It can be during your lunch break, early in the morning, after you put the kids to bed, whenever you can fit it in your daily schedule.

For the 10 minutes you’re outside, you’ll just walk! Yes, you read it right, you’ll leave your phone on airplane mode and no podcast or music allowed. Just you and yourself. Sounds scary? Then you definitely have to start with this challenge!

I am going to encourage you to walk every single day. It’s just 10 minutes, you can do that!

WARNING: This is ONLY for those who are ready to take responsibility for their thoughts and actions. Don't sign up if you are only half-in. I’m sure that in your business you don’t settle for half results either.


How long does the Challenge last?

The Challenge lasts for 21 days but you can keep on going as long as you would like. The whole idea is to create a way for you to reconnect with your authentic self

When does the Challenge start?

The Challenge is organized a couple of times per year. But, when you really can’t wait for the next one, you can enroll straight away. As soon as you enroll, you’ll get the first e-mail with tips and tricks to make the most of your challenge. This is day 00. The next morning, first thing you’ll get the first e-mail with your daily guidelines. 

Why do the Challenge in the first place?

Lots of people have got different reasons to start the Challenge. Maybe you want to be able to put everything in a better perspective, you want to reduce your stress level, or you would like to clear your mind. Getting outside for just 10 min a day has got so many benefits that it’s hard to find only one reason why it would be good to participate. But most importantly, going for a walk is such a simple way to break that vicious circle of being busy and that overwhelming feeling.

Is it ok to do the same walk every day?

Sure, that’s ok. If you walk mindfully, you’ll discover new things on your route every time. I’ll give you some suggestions to make your walks a bit more fun as well.

I’ve done other challenges… do I really need another one?

Well, that depends on the goals you want to achieve. If you are thinking of creating your Summer body or getting awesome abs in no-time then you are at the wrong place. If you however are looking for long term changes then keep on reading.

What if I miss a day?

That’s ok. Just don’t let two days in a row of “missing out” sneak in. Just start fresh the next day. It’s not about doing a Perfect Challenge. It’s about showing up and commit to yourself that you want to make a change.

What’s the cost?

When I was thinking about organizing this challenge one of the conditions was that it needed to be accessible to everyone. So, when you sign up it’s on the house (or better, on the Backyard). No, there is no catch, no secret subscription where you can’t get out of, no monthly hidden fee,…

Do I need to buy anything special or go somewhere?

No, please don’t. That’s the beauty of it. You just step outside your front door and start walking. If you live in a city you could go to a local park, discover your neighbourhood or the area around your office. If you have got more time you could you go a bit further but it’s not a necessity. You can use your normal shoes to walk. If you are thinking on going on longer walks, I would suggest considering getting comfortable walking shoes. But again, not really needed.

Still got some doubts? Drop me an e-mail on