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Take that leap.

Take a hike.

Find your stride.

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Hey there!

Welcome, I’m Peggy, a Backyard Hiker.

I am here to help fine folks like you to find their stride and take the precious time to pursue their dreams and goals without feeling guilty for making the space in their lives to do so.

I know you’re longing to take those next steps that will allow you to live a life full of adventures and excitement doing the things you love. Today is without a doubt the best time to take that first step towards growing into the person you want to become, but as with all things in life that are worthwhile, short cuts won’t be the answer.

I know it sucks.

Odds are that you are so overwhelmed and frustrated at the amount of conflicting selfcare and motivational info out there that you don’t know which way is up. Believe me, you are not alone my friend. It is a noisy time to be alive – everyone and everything out there is trying to get your attention, and in the middle of all this ‘hey look here’, ‘hey buy this’, it can be very easy to lose sight of what YOU want and need to live a purpose-driven life.

Here is the good news

We are going to clear that fuzzy mess in your head right up and find the best way to help you reconnect with yourself and live the happy, joyous, fulfilling life you’ve been dreaming of.

Confused and overwhelmed is not a good look on you buddy, and we are going to sort that right out. We’ll start by teaching you to say no and to understand that it is 100% okay (and necessary!) to shut down the noise and put yourself first. Then we’ll break down the rest of the recalibration mission in super clear, step-by-step goals that will lead you right where you want to go.

Your turn to make a move. Get one step ahead of everyone else.

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Nature has much beauty… thanks to #60daystodiscover we can discover it all

Nick Roef

The best way to clear your mind and fill your lungs with the so much needed oxygen!


Walking really has a healing strength and I discovered that thanks to the #60daystodiscover challenge.


Peggy promised us that it's a perfect way to create a new habit, this simple challenge has so many benefits..... And I found out so much about my own "backyard" just here in The Netherlands

Wilma Zwart

Are you keen to get the process going faster, make a few close connection and stand a chance to go home with the support of a few brand-new BFFs who are on the same journey of discovery as you are? Take it to the next level and join me on one of our immersive getaways. Be ready to get actively involved and start the transformation process at a gallop!