The nature reserve where I hike, my backyard, has got 22 giraffes. Ranging from old bulls to new born calves. There are 2 herds and the older bulls always roam on their own. Despite the fact that the reserve is 760 hectares, the amount of giraffes has become too large in comparison to the food available. Besides that, we also have to avoid inbreeding. Twelve giraffes needed to be relocated to a new home. A plan was made!

You can imagine that this is not an everyday thing, even in South Africa and carefully planning needed to be put into place.

The giraffes are tranquilized from a helicopter. As soon as the giraffe goes down, a ground team of vets run to the scene. The giraffe gets earplugs and is blindfolded to avoid any more stress before they are been woken up.

Once they get to their feet they are guided to a small trailer and then taken to a big truck so they can be transported safely to their new home. Once in the big truck the blindfold and earplugs are taken of so they can orientate again. It’s heartbreaking to see but you know it’s for their own good and the relocation team was very professional, keeping the animals interest at the top of their, our mind.

On their way to a new home to start their own family! Best of luck to you guys and girls, gonna miss you 🦒⠀



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