My Story

Hi, I’m Peggy, A Backyard Hiker, born and raised in Belgium.

From a very young age I was intrigued by adventure and travel. Experiences were always more important to me than possessions.

When I was 12 I had saved up all my pocket money to go on a week’s sailing trip. I guess that’s when I caught the travel and adventure bug. By the time I was 18 I had jumped out of a plane, cycled 24h for a good cause, learned to dive and ski, slept under the stars and had visited more than 10 countries. I worked my way through high school to fund for my adventures. It was to nobody’s surprise that I went to study Tourism and Marketing.

After my studies I left on a cycling trip in 1998 and cycled almost 20.000km through North America, Australia and New Zeeland. On this trip I not only had a great time and met amazing people but also gained a lot in terms of personal development. Not long after I got back I started working at the marketing department of an outdoor retailer in Belgium.

Looking at my Backyard

We were only three team members then. I stood at the cradle of the first newsletter and can still feel the tension when I had to push the send button. Working there inspired me more than ever to keep on dreaming and realizing adventures and exploring the world. In 2013 I decided together with my husband to go on the biggest adventure ever. We planned to move to South Africa.

It took us two years to get all the paperwork sorted. It didn’t all go as seen in the movies and we had some setbacks here and there. Despite the fact I was very frustrated about this, it did open up the door to my Backyard journey.

When I started hiking and exploring my Backyard, I never realized what an impact this would have on my day to day life, how good it feels to go outside, to feel the fresh air on your face, to just sit and wonder. It reminded me how little was needed to live a happy life.

Every time I would take friends or family with me they all felt the positive effects of being outside and exploring. That’s where and when I got the idea to set up an online platform to motivate you to get outside, to explore your backyard. To experience the positives effects of spending time away from our daily burdens. Even if it’s for 10min a day.

It’s nice to meet you. I’m Peggy, A Backyard Hiker!

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