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    Walking mindfully

    As I’m writing this it’s the 1st of January. No better time to approach my way of walking differently. I’m determined to walk more mindfully. I often function on autopilot. Let’s be honest, how often do you just travel from work to home, cross several busy intersections and you can’t even remember crossing them. Sounds familiar doesn’t it?  Same goes for our walking… mindful walking gives us an opportunity to gather awareness while walking. Whether moving between floors of a building, on a city street, or in the woods, it is an opportunity to guide ourselves out of the distracted autopilot we live in throughout so much of our day.  It also allows you…

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    Things just got real!

    I had this crazy idea to motivate people to get outside more, to experience the positive effects of walking and exploring.   How did I come up with such crazy idea?  Simple, I was waiting for a big project to come through and I was getting bored. No just kidding, there is much more to that! But honestly? Waiting for that project did motivate me to discover my Backyard and to experience the benefits of being outside first-hand. I was able to put everything in a better perspective, my health improved, I was much happier (despite the fact that I’m still waiting for that project and it drives me crazy)…

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    My love for photography

    Besides hiking, I have to admit that photography is a big passion. However, I’m really not that good of a photographer and I’m really crap at editing. But I just like making memories that way. Maybe I should refer to it as something I like to do instead of saying it’s a passion. Oh, hang on, isn’t that the definition of “Passion”? Anyway, I got my first camera from my dad when I was 14. I found his old Pentax in the back of a cupboard. It was the type of camera that worked with a film rol (Yes, I’m not twenty any more and back then the digital cameras…

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    Wildlife relocation

    The nature reserve where I hike, my backyard, has got 22 giraffes. Ranging from old bulls to new born calves. There are 2 herds and the older bulls always roam on their own. Despite the fact that the reserve is 760 hectares, the amount of giraffes has become too large in comparison to the food available. Besides that, we also have to avoid inbreeding. Twelve giraffes needed to be relocated to a new home. A plan was made! You can imagine that this is not an everyday thing, even in South Africa and carefully planning needed to be put into place. The giraffes are tranquilized from a helicopter. As soon…