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    Victoria Falls, a must to see!

    And why you need to see both sides of the Falls. Mosi-oa-Tunya – The Smoke that Thunders or better known as the Victoria Falls. The greatest curtain of falling water and one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. Visiting the Falls has been on ‘the’ list for a long time and I finally made it happen. After a very short flight from Johannesburg with British Airways (thank you for the gluten free meal), we landed safely at Livingstone, Zambia. Depending on which nationality you have you get in-line at immigration to get the appropriate stamps or VISA. Having a Belgian passport we had to get the Kaza Uni-visa.…

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    The Backyard on Fire!

    Planned and controlled but still very impressive and something I have to get used to. Moving to a new country also means different customs. Sometimes new customs you had never thought about. Fire prevention is one of them! Little did I know that fires are, and always have been, a part of the South African landscape. They occur as a natural phenomenon in grasslands, woodlands, fynbos, and sometimes in indigenous forests. South Africa has two fire seasons according to rainfall patterns, the dry summer months in the Western Cape, and the dry winter months in the rest of the country. Our winter goes from the 21th of June until the 23rd…

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    #60daystodiscover, makes me a Happy Hiker !

    May 2019 – Edition 2 – Halfway there I could never have imagined that a simple idea would actually touch and reach so many other souls. But it does and that puts a big smile on my face! The reason why I started the #60daystodiscover is really simple. I was at a point in life where I have set my mind to something but it wasn’t going as I had it envisioned. Being stuck and not really knowing where I was heading, I started going outside on short walks. In the beginning I was just doing it to enhance my fitness but soon I found out that it gave me…

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    A walking safari, the ultimate way to nurture your soul!

    I went on a 4-day backpack trail in Kruger National Park and did so much more than just recharge my batteries. Four days of walking in the African bush, with everything you need, stowed away in your backpack. That’s more or less how you can describe a backpack trail. Did you see many animals? That’s the first question everybody asks. Yes, this time (this was my second backpack trail in Kruger National Park) we had a lot of animal encounters. But you know what? It’s not only about that. It’s about the whole experience that makes a trip like this special. Don’t get me wrong, it is exciting when you…

  • What happens when you get up early!
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    I just found out what happens when you start your day early!

    And, why you should consider giving it a try. Everything before seven o’clock in the morning is way too early! That was exactly my moto, at least, before we moved to South Africa. Our big move has changed my life in many different ways. Starting my day early was a change I never saw coming. Just like many things in life, it just happened. It is however a change that I embrace with all my heart! So much that I think I should share it, so maybe you can benefit from it as well. Life in South Africa just starts earlier, for every one. Peak hours in gym classes are…

  • Grasses bend but don't break
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    Why it is better to just go with the flow.

    Sometimes, not always. If you ever had a close look at the grasses waving in the wind, I bet you find it as mesmerizing as me. Moving with a motion I don’t even understand. The wind slowly bending them but they don’t snap, they keep strong but follow the rules of the wind…for now. That’s exactly what you sometimes have to do. Sometimes you can just do as much as you can but it still doesn’t seem enough. Then it’s time to take a step back, overlook everything and rethink your strategy. Then it’s just better to go with the flow. When it’s out of your hands to change anything…

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    How to survive your first amazing walking safari?

    So you can go back on a new one 🙂 When I tell people, I’m going on a walking trail or, better known as walking safari, in Greater Kruger National Park I always get the same question… “Is it safe?” and my response is then:” As safe as getting on an airplane or getting in your car to drive to work”. But, when I answer this, I wonder if I am even telling the truth? I thought it was time to check some facts with an expert in this field. I had the opportunity to interview Brenden Pienaar, founder of Lowveld Trails Co. With more than 11 000 walking hours…

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    8 reasons why you want to keep a hiking journal!

    And why it can be actually fun keeping one 🙂 I hear you thinking… journalling, that’s just not for me. In that case, you definitely want to keep on reading! Already a fan of journalling? Then let me know if I missed something. I’ve never been the type that keeps a journal. Maybe too afraid that someone might read it. Haha, I honestly don’t know the reason why not, I just never did. By the way, did you know that there is actually a difference between a diary and a journal? I didn’t, up to know! Since it’s all very confusing, I’m just going to call it journalling, sorted. journal/ˈdʒəːn(ə)l/…

  • Kruger walking trails planning tools
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    How to plan your ultimate, once in a lifetime, Walking Safari experience?

    I’ll tell you all about it but, be warned, you might want to head out straight away 🙂 We are December 2017, a friend is telling me she is going on this 4-day backpacking trail in Kruger National Park (South Africa). I’m listening very carefully because I doubt what I just heard. Can you actually go on a Backpack trail in big five country? Fast forward to 25 July 2018… I’m sitting in the back of a game vehicle, realizing that I just completed my first backpack trail in Kruger National Park, already thinking on when the next one is going to be! How did I get there? A month…

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    It’s really easy to be helpful and kind!

    We just have forgotten how to… Despite the fact that it’s very easy to help each other, we are often too occupied with other “stuff”. In one way or another we stopped noticing that we can help people with simple things. Our prime purpose in life is to help others. Dalai Lama Did you know that we are all born to be natural helpers? Maybe we “unlearned” it while growing up. I can remember, as if it was yesterday, that my help was not always appreciated by my parents. As an eight-year old I was convinced that the air in the bubble wrap (my parents had an appliance store) wasn’t…